My objective with this blog is to share my knowledge about food and nutrition so that people might learn how to better manage their health. On top of that, I also believe the public should be well-informed of the practices of the food industry. After all, the food industry manufactures almost all the things we consume on a daily basis!

Hi! I’m Terry, welcome to my blog!

I blog about natural health and nutrition because I am passionate about advocating for the changes I think are necessary to create a more sustainable planet. I find that the topics I blog about are beneficial to people — especially those who want to implement a healthier lifestyle, or at least understand the principles behind nutrition.

When you are Food Engineering student like me, you come to learn a lot about the food industry. More importantly, you learn how some of the practices of the food industry affect human health and global sustainability.

I hope you enjoy the material on this blog, and I hope it is beneficial to you in some way.

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