Why Do So Many Cannabis Consumers Become Vegetarian?

It is a strange phenomenon that many cannabis users turn to vegetarianism or veganism. Though there’s no official data on this topic, it’s something I observe in the cannabis-using community. There are lots of those who, after starting to use cannabis, decide that vegetarianism is a better dietary and lifestyle choice for them.

So, without statistical evidence, all of what I’m about to tell you is speculative. I’m going to try and explain why so many cannabis users turn towards vegetarianism!


Rebellion, and the Hippie Revolution Remastered

Remember, in 1969, among all the frustration with racism, war, and extreme conservatism, there were those hippies who rebelled by smoking cannabis in the streets? Does anything about 2019 remind you of the 70s? Well, sometimes I think – remember when all those hippies were fighting for change in the world, and especially for sustainability, and we all called them crazy delusional hippies? Now, we’re realizing that they weren’t all that crazy, that our behavior is unsustainable, and that we desperately need to do something to change.


There is something about cannabis use and the concept of revolution. In all fairness, this is completely self-created by the government. If cannabis was legal, it wouldn’t be used as a tool for rebellion. Rather, the fact that it’s illegal makes it linked with the inherent nature of rebellion. Plus, it’s all in all a friendly plant, so using it as a tool for rebellion isn’t that bad.


Cannabis is inextricably linked with the 1969 rebellion, and with the need for change. For many people, this change is in the word “sustainability”. And for many people, vegetarianism is a successful way to implement sustainability in personal, day to day life. The meat industry is under heavy scrutiny for how much of the world’s resources it consumes. Thus, many cannabis users, who have an affinity for all matter of change and rebellion, begin to boycott the meat industry to implement such change.


Cannabis and Self-Inspection

Anybody who has ever smoked cannabis knows that upon entering your system, it can sometimes feel like a spotlight is shining on your life. All of a sudden, you can see yourself, your patterns of behavior, and your general life accomplishments under a microscope. Everything comes under scrutiny.


Well, diet and lifestyle are often among the first things that come under this spotlight (more on this in the next section). Eating a delicious steak for dinner all of a sudden turns into eating the bleeding carcass of another creature. See: same behaviour, two different concepts. And that’s not to say that one is healthy and the other isn’t. It’s just an example of how cannabis can affect the way we understand and interpret what we do and how we do them.


Is it possible that when a person starts to use cannabis, there is a desire to deeply “clean” all of their behaviors? OK  — that’s not true for all cannabis users. There are still some who would rather eat Doritos all day and play Fortnite. But there are plenty of users who, after having a spotlight shone on all of their behaviors, start to reconsider and change those behaviors.


The Munchies Crisis

Well, if you want to be a regular cannabis user, and you don’t want to get really fat, you have to think about the munchies phenomenon. It’s just something that happens; it’s a chemical reaction between cannabinoids and the human brain that pretty much can’t be avoided. When you use cannabis, you have an insatiable appetite. But if you want to use cannabis regularly, then you have to start thinking about what you’re going to eat during a munchies attack.

This might mean things like avoiding fried chicken, and having a delicious tray of roast veggies instead. Or it might mean throwing down the chocolate and opting for a cacao-filled smoothie. You see where I’m going with this. The munchies crisis can literally force someone into a place where they have to think really carefully about what they eat. And it isn’t unreasonable to assume that the answer might be — eat less meat and more vegetables!


When It All Comes Together

So now, we are talking about a hypothetical cannabis user who all of a sudden, wants to be a part of the world’s change for the better. They are also hyper-aware of their own behaviors (with respect to food, and otherwise), and they want to avoid obesity during their munchies crisis. They stop eating meat. They research cannabis deeply and find that it’s extremely interesting and powerful. They start going to rallies about climate change and the meat industry. They start sharing joints with their other, sustainability-minded friends. Nature wins. Person is happier. Person keeps doing what they’re doing.


Look — it’s not a fully fledged hypothesis. But I think it works. For one reason or another, many cannabis users become mindful not just of their diets, but how their lifestyles affect the world around them. And from all of what we know about the hippie revolution of 1969 and how that still lingers today, we also know that the meat industry could be doing a lot better than it is. And for many, this doesn’t mean vegetarianism, but simply eating less meat. Or choosing pasture fed, organic, sustainable meats. In any case, it’s something we observe in the cannabis community. And this is my way of explaining it!


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