Why I Write About CBD, Aloe, and Vegan Life?

Above all else, food is what humans use to sustain their lives. Whether or not many of us like to admit it, there is a strong connection between diet, health and disease. As the ever-expanding food market continues to include more and more processed foods, we are beginning to see a higher prevalence of certain diseases. Essentially, I hope that writing about nutrition and natural health can help people make more sustainable food choices for a better, longer life.

Technology has dramatically changed the way that humans consume and interact with their food. Much of our food these days is packaged, contains potentially harmful ingredients and often doesn’t resemble traditional food in any way. However, in the last few years, a big emphasis has been put on natural medicine and healthy eating. The more we study, learn and research, the more we are beginning to understand the importance of a wholesome diet and how it can increase quality of life and prevent diseases.

CBD and aloe vera are among my favourite natural health substances. Traditionally, they are used for the treatment of multiple conditions, are supplements and are essentially food products! Almost everybody can benefit from adding CBD and aloe vera to their diets — and on this blog I go into great detail about the ways that CBD and aloe can be used therapeutically.

Veganism is also a recent health choice of mine. Though I don’t “preach” veganism in the conventional sense, I like to write about and discuss the health benefits that can be had by choosing vegan life. Unlike other vegan activists, this is not strictly because of moral standing, although that also plays a part. Rather, I like to uncover some of the unsustainable and unhealthy farming practices of the meat industry and how these practices are enormously detrimental to human health. For my own health and wellbeing, I chose to omit meat from my diet completely.

I hope that what I share about CBD, aloe and vegan life can help others to make healthy choices. And that doesn’t necessarily mean making the same choices as me, but seeing health and wellbeing with the same curiosity and intrigue as I do. When we open our eyes to the practices of the food industry and our inherent role in it all, we are able to see clearer and therefore make better decisions about our health.

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